Dr. Surani

Dr. Surani
Dr. Surani, one of the most famous and best human motivator and trainer of Gujarat is one of the trainers of our institute. He says, "Success is nobody's monopoly". Anyone can become successful by taking training and with the help of success principles.

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Vivek Surani

Vivek Surani
The other trainer Vivek has done his master's degree in English and has taken a professional course on Strategic Human Resource Management. He has trained over 25,000 people for public speaking.

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Our Valuable Clients

  • Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Birla Sunlife
  • INTAS Pharmaceuticals Ltd - Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad Electricity Co. Officers' Association
  • LIC of India - Rajkot, Ahmedabad
  • Arvind Aqua Pvt. Ltd. (Bac Free)
  • Reserve Bank of India - Ahmedabad
  • Bank of Baroda - Gandhinagar, Tr. Branch
  • Dipti Shah's Institute of Engish Public Speaking & Self Development
  • Vasant Masala Pvt. Ltd.

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Safalta Ni Rit Atle Jaat Uparni Jeet

Safalta Ni Rit Atle Jaat Uparni Jeet


Safalta Koino Ijaro Nathi

Safalta Koino Ijaro Nathi


Bole Tena Bor Vechay

Bole Tena Bor Vechay



Audio of Dr. Surani or Vivek Surani's Speeches...

Training Programs

Workshop on Safalta Koino Ijaro Nathi

2,00,000થી પણ વધુ લોકોએ જે સેમિનારનો લાભ લીધો છે, હજારો લોકોએ જેમાં પ્રેક્ટીકલ ટ્રેનીંગ લીધી છે અને આપ જેની આતુરતાપૂર્વક રાહ જોઈ રહ્યા છો તેવો યાદશક્તિ અને સફળતા અંગેનો વર્કશોપ

  • આ વર્કશોપ શા માટે છે?
  • Safalta Koino Ijaro Nathi

    Objectives of The Workshop

    આ છે એક અનોખો પ્રોગ્રામ કે જે દ્વારા આપ આપની અંદર છૂપાયેલી અદભુત શક્તિઓને ઓળખશો. આ શક્તિઓ વડે જીવનમાં સફળતા મેળવવી આસાન બનાવશો.

    હકારાત્મક જીવનશૈલી આપના જીવનમાં મધુરતા લાવશે. સ્ટેજનો ડર દૂર કરીને આપ આત્મવિશ્વાસથી છલકતાં થશો. આપની યાદશક્તિ મેમરી ટેક્નીક્સ દ્વારા તીવ્ર બનશે. અર્ધ જાગૃત મનનાં અધિક ઉપયોગ વડે આપ વધુ શાંતિ અને વધુ સ્વસ્થથા મેળવશો.

  • કેવી રીતે શીખશો?
  • Safalta Koino Ijaro Nathi

    How you will learn ?

    પ્રેક્ટીકલ ટ્રેનીંગથી ભરેલા આ વર્કશોપમાં આપને મળશે એક ઉત્સાહજનક વાતાવરણ, ગ્રૂપ ટ્રેનીંગ, તંદુરસ્ત હરિફાઈઓ, લીડરશીપનાં ગુણો અને શેરીંગ દરમ્યાન એમ્પેથીક લીસનીંગ જિંદગીને અને સમસ્યાઓને જોવાનો આપનો દૃષ્ટિકોણ બદલી નાંખશે.

    વારંવાર સ્ટેજ પર આવવાની તક તેમજ સેશન દરમ્યાન આપના અભિપ્રાયો વ્યક્ત કરવાની તક તમારા આત્મવિશ્વાસમાં વધારો કરશે. અહીં દર્શાવેલ વિષયો પર આપને મળશે સૈદ્ધાંતિક તેમજ પ્રાયોગિક તાલીમ.

  • વર્કશોપના વિષયો
  • Safalta Koino Ijaro Nathi


    • Target Achieving, યાદશક્તિની ટ્રેનીંગ
    • Assertiveness Training, Confidence Building
    • Behavioral Therapy, Communication Skills
    • Aticates and Manners, પ્રોત્સાહન (Motivation)
    • Developing Self Esteem, Creative Exercises
    • Walk an Extra Mile, Effective Public Speaking
    • Positive Mental Attitude, Art of Dealing with People
    • સમય આયોજન (Time Management), માનસિક તાણનું નિયંત્રણ (Stress Management)
    • મનની અગાધ શક્તિઓ અને તેનો ઉપયોગ, લક્ષ્ય નક્કી કરો અને પ્રાપ્ત કરો (Goal Setting)
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Workshop Touch The Sky

A unique Life-Science Workshop for the people who want to be UNSTOPABLE on their way to success.

  • Objectives of The Workshop
  • Workshop Touch The Sky

    Objectives of The Workshop

    The program is designed in such a way that by participating in the program you will...

    • discover your hidden potentials and will be able to produce breakthroughs in your life.
    • uproot your known and unknown fears
    • understand you as a person who can reach beyond the self imposed limits.
    • be able to communicate effectively and see life from an expanded view.
    • be able to facepowerfully the risks and challenges of life.
    • take responsibility in a way that empowers you and others.
    • know yourself as someone who makes a difference.
    • become free from guilt anxiety and complexes you miht be carrying.
    • unload certain emotional baggages that you do not even know you are carrying
  • How you will learn?
  • Workshop Touch The Sky

    How you will learn ?

    This is a unique interactive workshop parimarily based on the principles of adult experiential learning. The training enviornment will enable the participants from various levels to share their experiences and ideas amongst group.

    The training methodology is an apt mix of theories, roleplays, simulation exercises, group discussion, activities, stage presentations, multimedia presentations and video film analysis.

  • Workshop Syllabus
  • Workshop Touch The Sky


    • Active Listening
    • Communication Skills
    • EGO Gram
    • Games People Play
    • Positive Attitude
    • Removal of Fear
    • How to be responsible
    • Four pillars for living
    • Four pillars for winning
    • Paragdigm shift
    • Anxiety and upsets
    • Empowering yourself
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Advance Leadership Training

Leader are not born. People are converted into LEADERS by training...

  • Who Can Attend?
  • Advance Leadership Training

    Who Can Attend?

    Only those candidates who have attended Basic Professional Skills Workshop are eligible for this training. Other criteria are

    1. Person must have burning desire to become a successful leader for his team.
    2. He must be enthusiastic for outstanding performance of his team.
    3. He should be ready to accept change.
    4. He should be ready to understand the need for change in attitude.
  • How you will learn?
  • Advance Leadership Training

    How you will learn?

    This is an advance training workshop in which you will get multiple chances to express your ideas and at the same time you will receive deep knowledge about leadership. Transaction analysis will change your paradigm. Learning based activities and exercises will make you attitude positive.

  • Course Contents
  • Advance Leadership Training

    Course Contents

    • Understanding change
    • Understanding problems & how to solve them
    • How to be self relient
    • How to motivate others
    • How to deliver the lecture
    • How to manage mind
    • 8 points for attitude
    • Leadership Personality
    • Hypnosis and power of spoken word
    • Copycat
    • How to change attitudes
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Basic Professional Skills

Dreams make the destination, But Knowledge makes the path. Skill makes the action

  • Who Can Attend?
  • Basic Professional Skills

    Who Can Attend?

    This is a unique workshop designed for the people of any profession who want to excel in their business. Person eager to recognize his tremendous inner or hidden powers and wants to make a difference in his career is an ideal candidate. People seeking motivation and boost up their confidence are also highly benefitted by this training.

  • How you will learn the Skills?
  • Basic Professional Skills

    How You Will Learn The Skills?

    This is a practical training program. Here you will experience an inspirational environment in which each person will be encouraging the other. Group discussion and competitors will provide you a healthy platform to express your talent. It will be a 2 day's training consisting of following topics.

  • Course Contents
  • Basic Professional Skills

    Course Content

    Day - 1

    • Skill with people
    • Goal setting and planning
    • Effecting presentation skills
    • Grooming
    • 5 Fundamentals skills for foundation
    • 6 Steps for excellent approach
    • Creative Skills
    • Relaxation Technique
    • Personality Skills
    • Speaking Skills

    Day - 2

    • Art of making people your way of thinking
    • Powers of Mind
    • 7 Secretes of Excellent Result
    • Speaking Skills
    • Communication Exercise
    • Relaxation Technique
    • Personality Test
    • Removal of Mind Blocks
    • Time Management
    • 4 Powers for
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Positive Parenting

શું તમે તમારા બાળકની પ્રગતિ બાબતે ચિંતિત છો?, શું તમે સંતાનો સાથે યોગ્ય રીતે સંવાદ કરવાની કળા જાણવા માંગો છો?, ચિંતા ન કરશો... બહેતર વાલી બનવા તરફ ડગ માંડો...

  • કોણ એટેન્ડ કરી શેક ?
  • Positive Parenting

    કોણ એટેન્ડ કરી શેક ?

    મા-બાપ અને વાલીઓ, પૌત્રો સાથે રહેતા દાદા-દાદી, શિક્ષકો, હોસ્ટેલ સ્ટાફ, બેબી સીટર્સ કે અન્ય કોઈપણ વ્યક્તિ જે સમાજમાં બાળકોના ઉછેર અને વિકાસમાં ફાળો આપવા ઈચ્છતી હોય.

  • સેમિનારના વિષયો
  • Positive Parenting

    સેમિનારના વિષયો

    • પેરેન્ટીંગ નોટ્સ
    • જુદી-જુદી પેરેન્ટીંગ સ્ટાઇલ્સ
    • કોમ્યુનિકેશન સ્કીલ વીથ ચીલ્ડ્રન
    • બાળકના વર્તનને સમજવું
    • કૌટુંબિક સંસ્કારો અને મૂલ્યોનું સિંચન
    • પ્રોત્સાહિત કરવાની કળા
    • શિસ્તપાલનની ટેક્નિકો
    • જટીલ સમસ્યાઓને ઉકેલવાની કળા અને બીજું ઘણું.....
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